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A Truelove Family
This website contains the names and genealogy of Trueloves in England and Australia. The information has come to me from many different sources. Primarily to date from Australian Trueloves who have traced their ancestry back to England and from my own research on the internet.
The inspiration for the original Australian website came from my daughter Lara. Lara felt it was time for me to put it all down in writing before I started to forget. The decision to expand and build this website came from my contact with Ron Marsh and Hershel Truelove who have both offered to provide further information regarding the Trueloves in England.
Please be patient while I build. I am attempting to make this a search engine friendly site so all can access it. My other websites were designed to be private, so this attempt is a new endevour. There are some holdouts from my original designs. The Add a Note button will take you to a popup box where you can feel secure. This is no longer available.

If you have further information or disagree with what's here !
I regard this website as a living experience. Like all history it depends on our individual experiences and perceptions. Most of the birthdates before 1837 are probably christening dates. There are many John and Henry Trueloves, they could be instances of the same person or our ancestors were not very original. There have been a few wild ones, Charly Truelove is an example.
I like the Ayre Legend and our family's name in it. I prefer the version according to James Truelove of Ilabo. While it may be a myth, I would like to see a lineage from the Trueloves of 1066, defeated but still alive, to the start of modern data keeping in 1832.
Gordon Truelove. Melbourne Australia 1st May 2004

Following on from my previous comments !
I still regard this website as a living experience. I have been just been missing for the last 6 years. Onwards ho.
Gordon Truelove. Burnett Heads, Queensland. Australia 24st May 2015

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