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Truelove Family
English History 1500 - 1900
In searching the internet for references to Trueloves in the years 1066 to 1837 I have noticed more references in some periods than others. Obviously this relates to events in English History. I have included this page so when I find information I can relate it to the historical events.

I am starting in the middle with Elizabeth Tudor (I) working upwards to cover 1550 to 1900 first:

Henry Tudor (VIII).
Became King 1509

Some Antique Roadshow Trivia.
King Henry was concerned about the keeping of church records. In 1535 he ensured the better keeping of church records by enforcing the keeping of birth, marriage and death records in a double lock trunk in the church.

Edward Tudor (VI).
Became King 1547

Mary Tudor.
Became Queen 19 JULY 1553
Reign was unsettled. Began religious war against her subjects 1555.
The country was in bad shape having had years of bad harvests and influenza epidemics.

Elizabeth Tudor.
Born: 7 SEPTEMBER 1533
Became Queen: 17 NOVEMBER 1558
Most settled years of Reign 1570 - 1600
Died: 24 MARCH 1603

James Stuart (I)
Became King 1603
First wave of Protestant emigrants to North America 1605

Charles Stuart (I)
Became King 1625

Parliament, Commonweath and Cromwell
Charles Stuart (royalists) Defeated at Naseby 1645

Charles Stuart (II)
Became King 1660

James Stuart (II)
Became King 1685

Gordon Truelove. Melbourne Australia 1st May 2004. Updated 25th May 2015.

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