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The Trueloves in England and Australia
Hello everyone who visits this site.

This is a website for Truelove Family Genealogy.

This website grew out of the Australian one as some of the Australian Trueloves have traced their ancestry back to England and have given me the results of their investigations. Rather than continue listing the English ancestors in the Australian site, I felt a separate site constructed in a more conventional way would attract visitors who could add to the information.
I have listed those findings and my own from the Internet in this website so that other people can find them through references in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Information in this site is pre 1900.
Not all names are listed as yet. The database in the australian listing is older than the Names Listing but not available at this time.
The Australian Website contains details of living Trueloves and I wish to protect their privacy. That website has been designed to provide little of interest to the search engines and the more unsavoury denizens of the internet.
Gordon Truelove. Melbourne Australia 12th September 2004

This is a new website with content copied from the original . The original website is now owned by a european web company who buy and sell websites. Much has happened since 2008 when the original websites had a lot of information about the various truelove families. I retired, moved to Queensland, had a cardiac episode, there was the world financial crisis and three floods of the Burnett River.
After recent contact with a new-found relative, my enthusiasm for the family genealogy has been rekindled.
Bear with me as I try to re-learn website construction.
Gordon Truelove. Burnett Heads, Queensland. Australia 24th May 2015

latest update 28/06/2015.
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